If you have never had children, or just decided that adopting teens was the way to go, than you might not have experenced illness on toddlers level. I started with a cold, than moved to the flu, nice I thought, but the kicker was the strep to finish it off. I was never a sick person, never!! Healthy as a horse while I watched others suffer. Now that I am sick back to back to back – I am starting to understand why people come up with crazy ideas to get better!! Now hand me the orange juice, I feel another one coming on.


So I woke up to Levi crying for me, I am not sure what is about, but I went and calmed him down. I feel like I don’t have time, but yet I sit here writing this blog. I need to be working on the house, I need to do laundry, I have some friends coming to visit this weekend and need to clean more, but how do get yourself to do something that doesn’t pay, won’t be recognized, and honestly the kids or the pets will just tear it up anyway.

Well, as a parent and a person I am supposed to learn. This is just work, I am sick today and being a helpful parent, is just a pain in the butt when you don’t feel good. So I doubt much will get done today.

Flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden

Ok – so I am trying to learn this posting game with wordpress and honestly I don’t think it is as strait forward as people try and say it is.  Anyway- At least I get how to add a picture now.  I am trying to figure out the basics before I get things rolling.  I know other people who refuse to post until they get everything just perfect.  Crazy if you ask me, how can you learn without trying.  Anyway- more to come in coming days.